• Child at risk

    Sometimes parents are not able to care for their children alone; sometimes children lose their parents or never knew them. These are the children we help.

  • Motherhood

    Our aim is for a child to be at the heart of a secure, loving, long-term relationship with a parent or carer. A child needs to have constant encouragement, trust and support.

  • Brothers and Sisters

    Our aim is to keep families together. If this is not possible, we try to ensure that brothers and sisters grow up together, keeping their own shared history and building a shared future.

  • Family

    Regardless of their background, children should live in a family who will support them to reach their potential.

  • Home

    We help families to create an environment where children can always feel at home, to which they can return.

  • Happy childhood

    Our aim is for children to live as children – to feel loved, protected, and comfortable enough to build new positive memories are put first, where they can build their confidence and learn in a positive, supportive community.

  • Village

    A village is part of the community – a good place to grow up, a familiar environment where children’s needs

  • Childhood in cultural diversity

    Our aim is to enable every child to form their own convictions, follow their beliefs, be true to their cultural roots and learn to respect those of others.

  • Education and personal growth

    Our aim is to enable every child to develop into an adult who has the skills to take responsibility for themselves in society.


  • Family Strengthening Program

    Loving and caring family is crucial for a child’s physical, psycho-emotional and social development. Every child needs family environment which will support the child’s healthy development.

  • Alternative Care

    Every child has a right to grow up in a caring family environment. However, if it is impossible for a child to grow up in a biological family, it is necessary to provide children and young people deprived of care with alternative care services. Therefore, we offer them family-based care - loving, caring and safe environment.



  • Tbilisi
    Family Strengthening Project, 9 Small Group Homes, Youth Home, Semi Independent and Independent Living Programs for Young People;
  • Zestaphoni
    Small Group Home
  • Sachkhere
    Small Group Home
  • Ambrolauri
    Small Group Home
  • Kutaisi
    2 Family Strengthening Projects, Day Care Center for Children (1-3 years), Mother and Child Shelter, 13 Small Group Homes
  • Khoni
    Small Group Home
  • Chkhorotsyu
    Small Group Home
  • Zugdidi
    Family Strengthening Project, Day Care Center for Children (6-18 years). see on map
  • Tsalenjikha
    2 Small Group Homes


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